Does your company have a GamePlan?

GamePlan is a 360 consultancy prepared to help companies achieve their full potential in the Brazilian and Latam markets.

We have a 360 approach to our client's business with focus on our 6 competencies: Business, Market Research, Localization, Communication, Foreign Support and Billing. Whose can be hired as a package, per competency or per single service. What matters is achieving your goals with ultimate quality and delivering critical results to maximize your ROI and minimize your risk.

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There is no success without a GamePlan.

GamePlan has everything your company need to excel in doing business in Brazil and Latam.

From hiring an independent service, to creating a centralized, internet-based operation or an actual local entity, GamePlan will stay with you every step of the way, helping understand and overcome the region's bureaucracies and idiosyncrasies, achieving the best result possible.

The whole business plan, P&L, EBITDA targets, DCM per business line, product and SWOT analysis, ABC testing, and much more can be done by GamePlan, therefore avoiding unexpected surprises and superlative, unachievable plans based on big numbers that are so common about this region.

If you are already established, GamePlan has a team of experts who can execute and deliver the high performance that your company expect.

Foreign Support

GamePlan can help your company soft land in Latin America. With our seasoned executives, and all our experience in the region, the implementation of your entity in Brazil will be optimal, knowledgeable of the challenges and ready for growth and positive ROI.

GamePlan can help your company soft land in Latin America. With our seasoned executives, and all our experience in the region, the implementation of your entity in Brazil will be optimal, knowledgeable of the challenges and ready for growth and positive ROI.

Legal Assistance

Our partnership with Cesnik Quintino & Salinas makes us experts in audiovisual, copyright, digital and any other legal affairs your company may need in Brazil.


From a simple quali group to a full quantitative survey, GamePlan is ready to deliver a wide range of data so your marketing team can have a blast imagining how to take communication into the next level to conquer the Latin American market and drive top revenue.

Our range of research include:

  • Market Research
  • Qualitative Research
  • Focus Groups and In-Depth interviews

Using modern moderation techniques and research methodologies it is possible to conduct product testing, media testing, benchmarking, willingness to pay studies among other possible insights from target consumer and Key Opinion Leaders on a given industry.

Desk Research

In order to understand the environment where companies will market their products and services it is needed to gather and analyze real data, facts and trends to give support for campaign creation and planning.

Secondary data research is a reliable, fast and cost effective way to understand the business terrain before reaching the market, providing good subsides for decision making process whilst helping shape the communications campaign.

The most common insights that can be obtained through Desk Research are:

  • Macroeconomics, indicators and most common market pressures in a given industry
  • Estimated market size and competition market share
  • Competition benchmark, strategy definition, positioning and targeting through communication analysis
  • Trends and consumer behavior including social media monitoring methodologies

Quantitative Research

Having 250,000 active web panelists with several different profiles, it is possible in a very cost effective way to conduct quantitative studies with national coverage on a short timeframe. It is possible to find among these panelists statistical reliable samples and perform studies with interactive questionnaires that would not be possible through conventional sampling.


Localization is a task that goes beyond the simple translation of a product packaging or interface. It is a comprehensive study that aims to understand the product ecosystem to adapt all the aspects of a product to the local markets.

The company's partners have summed up more than 30 years of expertise on technology products localization, such as software, hardware, consumer electronics and games, with cases ranging from pharmaceutical top secret documents to simple mobile/casual games to entire MMOs with over a million words.

We excel at localizing into and from Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish for several Latam countries.


No GamePlan is completed without media attention. Our full framework has four main phases:

  • Media mapping: We research and find the main media that fits to your necessities. We give you a preview list of media, their audiences and tell you who the main priorities are. This tool also helps to identify better marketing and advertisement opportunities in online and offline media.
  • Relationship management: Having just a press release sent to a full-country mailing list does not make sense. GamePlan helps you create relationships with local games, tech, business and even general interest sites, magazines, newspapers and blogs through meetings, exclusive interviews, business lunches and other activities.
  • Relationship value: Our final media reports include all steps made with local media, estimated value of return of spontaneous media (RSM) on stores published.
  • Content, Brand Content and Social Media: If your GamePlan includes content, we have a team that can handle your needs - for a corporate blog with an editorial view in Portuguese, adaptation of international content in Portuguese (i.e. Press Releases) and content creation for Social Media plans, including managing pages and budget for FB ads.


GamePlan is always looking for innovative ways to deliver the best value to its clients around the world. So we are proudly introducing a new product: Direct Mobile Payment, where you can pay for goods and services directly from your device.

Online payments are not the future. It's already happening and is already a huge market, open, worth billions of dollars. GamePlan offers a complete solution of direct billing allowing operators a complete mobile experience to their customers.

More and more people around the world are beginning to use this great, convenient way to buy digital goods, especially in the field of micro-transactions. And what could be more convenient than paying to Facebook or other credits in social networks, than your existing mobile phone bill?

Merchants have the digital product; Operators have the subscriber base. To explore this market, both sides need to connect directly to a secure and transparent platform to participate and expose these interesting services for its customers. The time to act is now.

How our direct mobile billing platform comes into play?

It's simple. We act as a complete ecosystem provider, connecting any number of traders with a transparent and secure network of carriers. We enable the mobile subscriber to purchase goods directly from the dealer, no credit cards, debiting directly from your prepaid account or postpaid mobile phone.

We take care of all the technical aspects - with full transparency - and you enter the new era of digital commerce with minimal effort.

Key features:

  • It is fully embedded in our operative back-end and billing
  • No additional network load on your platform
  • Customers are immediately enabled to make mobile payments
  • The entire transaction is pure income, does not require CAPEX or OPEX
  • Complete customized dashboard in real time


We at Gameplan take confidentiality very seriously. We wish we could show you all our clients and some of the very exciting projects we are involved (from Brazil and Global ones as well) but sometimes we just can’t. Below are the partners and clients which we can tell you about, and please don’t hesitate to ask about the other project as well, maybe we can give you a tip or two ;)


Let us help create your GamePlan for Brazil and Latin America. To reach us, simply send an email to , or leave a comment at our FB page: